New Electronic: Anatole + LUCIONBLOMKAMP + Planéte + Tuff Sherm/Patch Free


Anatole – Away (feat. Tash Parker) 

It’s been a cruise drip of releases from Sydney’s Anatole. Gentle, bright touches, all nuzzling towards this gorgeous new track. “Away” is a jam for prom night, the type in the movies starring Kirsten Dunst, not the actual, real life formals that take place, with all the goon sacks and sixteen year olds throwing up. It’s a nice feathering, implementing the soft touches of early Seekae and Tycho with strings, woodwind and other classical instrumentation jutting over the top of shuffling beats.


Still in pretty hushed territory, but bide some time with LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s misty electronica; lean into those solemn strings and pulses, and wait for the buzzing wall of electronic noise to spring up around the two and a half minute mark. From there on, it’s just a spindly throng of encompassing noise, something that wouldn’t be out of place in the stunt-heavy finale of a Wachowski Brothers film.

Planéte – Altair

Was considering giving this one a miss because it is a fucking PAIN in the ARSE to type that little accent thing in Planéte’s name. BUT, the song is good – it’s so, very, really good. It’s good enough to warrant a command/paste option from the web page that tells you how to key in accents on a Mac. A clicking tribal swarm that sounds like some wind chimes learned how to use Ableton really well, and stumbled upon a great little touchpad deal down at JB HI-FI. As “Altair” grows, it continually amazes, whilst never blowing its cool…this is the music that Stephen Hawking Jr. is going to be putting on his “$tudy Playli$t”.

Tuff Sherm & Patch Free – Zone 3

Glistening stuff from Sydney’s Tuff Sherm teaming up with Patch Free. Stompy synth warbles and grumbling bass provides something not too dissimilar from Roland Tings’ incredible debut earlier this year. The video is a hallucinatory blast of primary colours, a swirling glitch in perfect time with the thumping beats that Tuff Sherm and Patch Free serve up.


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