New: My Disco – King Sound

A few years on from My Disco’s ambitious ‘Little Joy’ record that was recorded with Steve ‘The Problem With Music’ Albini, the trio reappear. Their return is interesting – “King Sound” maintains some of the aspects that made My Disco great, and does away with a few elements that feel pretty entrenched in an era when Cut Copy was a big deal.

My Disco still know how to utilise space and sound to their maximum effect, deploying a myriad of guttural explosions amidst territories of soundscape that could be inserted into a modern remake of The Exorcist. Although absolutely terrifying, it does feel like My Disco could have brought things to an mind-rupturing crescendo like they’ve been capable of the past. Maybe “King Sound” will work better in the midst of their upcoming album, where the sinister plateau provides an uneasy lull between bombastic stabs.


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