Video: Girl Band – Paul

As a song, the new Girl Band track is…pretty good. Not amazing or anything, but pretty spot on, especially once they escalate into their standard havoc-wreaking around the 3 minute mark.

But the video…..fuuuuuck, these guys have created a video and a half. This isn’t some footage of a couple mates messing around, or a half-assed attempt at “vision”. This video is incredible.

It’s like if that film “Death to Smoochy” was made with some real balls. A disappointed father, a jealous son; a romance gone sour, a creepy comrade; drugs and alcohol fuelling a job that stopped just short of achieving a dream. This clip says a lot in a short amount of time, and as Girl Band limber up, flex their muscles of noise, and finally unleash, the ticking time bomb that is our protagonist has exploded, a fiery storm of black comedy.


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