New: Laurence – Happy Town EP

A mate who runs the great Skydreams label/blog put me onto Laurence. Although I’m not usually one for the one-name monikers, this is a startlingly beautiful piece of writing. It’s simple but evocative, stripped back but powerful. It’s a kick in the guts compiled from duck feathers.

Drawing comparisons to Ducktails, or a version of Sun Kil Moon where you’re not inclined to punch Mark Kozalek, Laurence paints these sincere acoustic portraits – shimmering guitar work mingling with chiming instrumentation. But buried underneath the joy are some damn affecting lyrics about heroin, overdosing and suicide. If you’re having a bad day, chuck on “Happy Town” or “Small Town Blues”. Whatever your problems are, they don’t even compare to the shit that Laurence brings up. The best part here is how understated Laurence manages to be – he just unloads his story in an unassuming way, so much so that you’d probably miss it the firs time round. But when the music keeps drawing you back in, and you start to prick your ears up for the lyrical content, prepare to start wiping your eyes, and pretending like you’ve got something in your iris. Definitely not having a cry.



*Bonus points for the Lethal Weapon shoutout.


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