New: Los Tones – Jangle

Sydney’s Los Tones put out an A+ garage rock record last year. It was great. If it were a sandwich, it would’ve been a pork roll: cheap, delicious, and fulfilling.

Since putting out that record, they’ve been playing heaps. I mean, heaps. They’ve been playing more than Tom Cruise has been smashing skulls in Mission Impossible movies. I’m talking all over Europe, all over Australia, and all over Sydney, which is essentially a continent.

But they still had time to pump out a one more, before they jet off to Brazil, and Europe for a second time round. “Jangle” is a sly, slow groover, a Spaghetti Western with murky guitars instead of Clint Eastwood. It’s a bit more grounded than the stuff from their album, but that doesn’t mean that Los Tones have lost their ability to conjure a smoked out riff, as displayed on the ghoulish line that twists through “Jangle”.

Los Tones play the Frankie’s Vinyl Fair on August 16th, and then in Manly on August 21st.


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