New: FLOWERTRUCK – Sunshower


Alright, listen up, you denouncers of pop, David Byrne Jr is here – split into four fragments that grew up in Australia instead of Scotland/Canada. This version (hereafter referred to as DBJ) grew up on The Chills, and formed a band that have swiftly become one of my favourites in Australia. FLOWERTRUCK are two songs deep, have performed a handful of awesome live shows..but fuck, they make you pay attention, kind of like Donald Trump’s Twitter account, but out of wonder, not terror.

For their third single, FLOWERTRUCK maintain their skewed pop that they established on “Candide” and “I Wanna Be With You“. It’s wonky, simple jangle pop made by uni students, but that’s what makes it so spectacular. Maybe it’s bias because I’m a uni student, but man, it feels like the masses could get behind this as well. “Sunshower” blossoms, heating from a hazy blur, sharpening around Charles Rushforth’s giddy yelp, and then smoothening out into an uppercut of a chorus. Fuck, sounds pretty decent. Done yet? Nah mate.

The finale on this was custom made to get people dancing. It’s a bright, shining kick of shredding guitar that draws comparisons to Blank Realm. Just 30 seconds of elated, joyful collisions of great pop music. And this is the third fucking song. Jesus, shit, what’s gonna happen with FLOWERTRUCK release an album?

FLOWERTRUCK are playing part of Volumes Festival in a little bit – August 29th, with Jack Ladder, The Laurels, Canyons and a bunch others.


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