New: Tim & the Boys – Hard Won EP

I was one of the first people to buy the Tim & the Boys cassette EP. That, my friends, is what we in the literary world call “gloating”. It’s not just a thinly-veiled brag, it’s a fully fledged HAR-HAR; I am shoving my superiority in your face with all the subtlety and deftness of a bogan slinging pills at the Teepee Forest at Splendour in the Grass. There is no tactic or strategy – I am a blunt tool, and I am unashamed.

But that’s only because I’m really excited that I own this. It’s a fantastic EP from a new group that Sydney has been in desperate need of, a physical copy of the first taste of a band bound to get the kids excited again. Thudding post-punk, industrial and twisted, Tim & the Boys are Tim Collier, Will Harley (Housewives) and Dan Grosz/Gross (Dead Farmers). Pretty great so far. Then add songs about touching yourself in the supermarket (“I Wait”), a stomping Warriors-Come-Out-to-Playyeeee sequel (“Hear Us”, and a theme song that doubles as the ultimate nihilist anthem. Fuck, that’s alright, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure the cassette has sold out, but if there are any copies left, they’ll be flying out the door of the Chippendale Hotel Basement this Thursday. Tim & the Boys play a rock show with Orion and Point Being, and it’s FREE. Just gotta sign this thing here. Should be A+.


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