New: Weak Boys – Suffer For You Art


Pioneers of dad-rock and living embodiments of Principal Skinner, Weak Boys return from their smash hit debut album [sic] with a cassette of covers. But this isn’t the bullshit that Barnesy pulls out every couple of years because DIAMOND ENCRUSTED SHITTERS DON’T PAY FOR THEMSELVES. No, Weak Boys have actually compiled a few covers by actually decent bands.

There’s contributions from Adelaide’s Hit the Jackpot and Brissy’s Extrafoxx, as well as Benjow’s “Fell In Love”. But the standout here is easily “I Like Beer”, a song that, although not written by any of the WB crü, feels specifically made for them. With lyrics about how people who don’t like beer can get fucked (seriously though), “I Like Beer” fits in well with the rest of Weak Boys shambling, lo-fi canon about shitty landlords and shacking up with Diane Keaton.

If this is your first exposure to Weak Boys, do yourself a goddamn favour, and buy their record ‘Weekdays/Weekends‘. Eight months on, this album is still a huge winner. Also, they’re going to be playing with Wireheads/Day Ravies/Thigh Master at The Union on August 21st.


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