After faaaar too long (and through no fault of their own), MAKING are finally releasing their debut album ‘Highlife’! And the first taste of it is the blacker-than-Gwyneth-Paltrow’s-soul “Come 2 Me”. The song is a broad descent into maddening, furious metal, a slow, poisonous burrowing into the centre of purely demented sound. It begins with post-punk inflected noise that wouldn’t be out of place on A Place to Bury Strangers, and segues into thundering drums and swirling, droning vocals commanding the listener to “Come to Me, Stay Awake, Show Mercy….”. Intimidation is at peak levels.

But then, with no warning, MAKING indulge in pure fury, an adrenaline hit pouncing into the vocals. The menace turns to outright madness, instruments bleeding into each other as a demonic presence forms itself. No punches are pulled as MAKING deliver THE heaviest song of the year. Experimental tones and an incomparable knowledge for how to sucker punch a motherfucker with a riff is MAKING’s bread and butter.

The irony here is that MAKING have created a song that’s about as primal as music can get, an ancient war cry delivered in a metallic, artificial tongue. But the video on display is a terrifying mix of grainy surveillance footage pulsating at an otherworldly frequency. The film has no other mission than to haunt your dreams forever. You like horror movies? You haven’t seen shit. Prepare to be sucked into this black hole of nihilism and technology, and emerge a lesser being.


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