New: MEZKO – Golden

WHAT A SONG! Oh happy days, a new psych band actually worth getting excited about! After wading through wave after wave of rudimentary potheads who crave to replicate Tame Impala to the note, someone worthy of the title has knocked it out of the bloody park with a bubbling brook of pscyh-pop worth getting rabid over.

This ain’t MEZKO’s first rodeo, but it certainly expresses the potential that they have been pointing to for so long. Now with a more solid focus on builds and atmosphere than before, MEZKO show that they’ve got a really firm grip on how to ensure their songs blossom into something enveloping and special. Like Richard In Your Mind hanging in an ashram with Panda Bear,  “Golden” draws you in like one of M.C. Escher’s murals – sucking you into a forever repeating pattern that’s both alarming and calming at the same time.

“Golden” is awesome. “Golden” is great. “Golden” is fucking serene.


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