New: Deaf Wish – They Know

Unrelenting noise. That’s what this song is. A minute of pure, unhinged, debauched noise, thrust at a full-tilt, manic slide that makes an avalanche look like a flaccid sneeze. Burn city pin ups Deaf Wish have announced a new album, “Pain”, and it looks like its coming out on Sub Pop. Forget the label that churned out the Father John Misty/Fleet Foxes deviations – this stuff is wrought from the same minds that released Dead Moon, feedtime and METZ to bigger audiences. If ever there were a band that deserved that sweet international audience attention, it was going to be Deaf Wish.

Although it’s only a minute and a half long, “They Know” is internal-organ damaging. Bearing a nice resemblance to Open Your Heart-era The Men, Deaf Wish chugg along at an disturbed, alien pulse. In less time than it takes to evenly cook nachos in a microwave, this band emits on a nuclear blast. Fuck, this is so awesome.

Also, do yourself a favour and check out “Eyes Closed” – if you’ve ever wanted some punk rock that will tear your arse apart harder than any $2 toilet paper, wrap your ears around that blistering propulsion.


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