New: WHITE DOG – 452A 7″

WHITE DOG’s debut 7″ is roughly 8 minutes – that’s shorter than how long it takes to eat a single Weetbix without the aid of milk. What’s more, the qualities of WHITE DOG are similar to said Weetbix sliding down your throat: suffocating, scratchy, demonic, delicious.

I heard “No Good” for the first time, and my tits blew off. Now, I’m more muscular than Randy “You’ve Got A Door, You’ve Got A Gym” Couture. Simply listening to this record will shred every inch of fat from you until you’re a lean machine.

Coincidentally, the band that turns everyone into Henry Rollins circa-early 80’s take the best from ‘Damaged’, and hurtle it into the sort of noise that the Terminator made when it was crushed by Sarah Connor in the first, and second best, film in the series.

There is so much to gouge your eyes out over this record and this band. They’re fast, they’re unrelenting, they’re brutal. Their songs are custom-made to be shouted back within an inch from the frontman’s face, flecks of spit flying between you in a disgusting, symbiotic relationship.

This 7″ is incredible. This band is incredible. WHITE DOG are the best new punk band in Sydney. Fuck yeah.


WHITE DOG have two shows coming up – tomorrow night at OAF ($5, w/Polish Club, Cody Munroe Moore etc.) and as part of the FUCK-OFF-THAT’S-GOOD second edition of SPLINTER, which goes down at the Chippo Hotel, and features Horsehunter, Housewives, Orion, GOD K, and a fuck tonne of others.


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