PREMIERE: The Cathys – Hysterical Monument 7″


I’ve long been a fan of The Cathys, a ramshackle pop outfit from Sydney. They put out a teensy weensy EP in 2013, which is well worth checking out if your favourite pasttimes include “being serenaded by whimsical guitars”.

The Cathys disappeared from view for a little while, but they’re back, seeing a change in the lineup and a little more clairty to their sound. Their debut 7″, ‘Hysterical Monument”, is a spot on education on how to make the mythical two minute pop song. Combining subtle, plain guitar riffs with plodding bass and Sam Giddey’s quavering Lou Reed/Iggy Pop/J Mascis mumble yelp, The Cathys make some really  fantastic digs at pop music.

“Heart Disease” and “Loan” are particularly good encapsulations of The Cathys, sparkly strains of Jonathan Richman pop wherein the dark comedy takes centre stage, bolstered by shuffling, buoyant riffs. A song like, “Loan” which makes vomiting sound as pleasant as a Sunday brunch at the wharf,  slung around a bright, absent-minded melody, is something that’s warranted to leave an impression. If your game is skewed pop music, then you can’t really go past this 7″.

The Cathys’ ‘Hysterical Monument’ is out tomorrow, and you can grab it at The Cathys’ Bandcamp here. All physical copies come with a SAM GIDDEY COMIC. The Cathys have a bunch of great shows coming up to celebrate the release – the shindigs kick off on Thursday, 18th June at The Union Hotel in Newtown (with Disgusting People and Drowning Fleets!), followed by shows in Canberra and Melbourne.


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