Video: Green Buzzard – Zoo Fly

I Oh You Records just announced their new signing, and it’s a farkin’ doozy. Green Buzzard, Sydney hoons born-n-bred, who have got an obvious affinity for Britpop melodies and GBV-esque shredding. Also, Huw from Bachelor Pad is in this band, so there was a 99% guarantee that it was going to turn out top bloody notch.

Green Buzzard just dropped their debut single and a video to boot, a hazy, smoke infused jam that’s got a riff fit for King Malkmus. It’s a bit cleaner than the 90’s trademark indie icons that they have evidently been chewing on for the last few years of their lives, but if anything, that makes “Zoo Fly” even more palatable. The melodies are still there, and the tighter production just allows for this beaut of a tune to soak into your skin.

You are a sponge. Green Buzzard is liquid goodness. Let it happen, baby. Let it happen.


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