New from Cinnamon Records: Teaser Pony + Primary Colours + Passive Smoke

Fuck, dropped a bit behind on one of the best new labels out of Australia. Actually, Cinnamon was born in Canberra, if you can bloody believe it. Actually, you can, because the place where Joe Hockey, Chris Pyne and Tony Abbott engage in circle jerks is also the home to TV Colours, Wives, The Fighting League and many more purveyors of the excellent and weird.

Here’s a coupla gems that the label have released in the past few months that I forgot to #blog about:

Teaser Pony – Teaser Pony EP

Ozcore is bloody booming right now, and it seems like everyone who owns a footy jersey and a guitar wants to have a go. However, Teaser Pony are worth muddying your boots over. Culled from members of Dick Diver, Total Giovanni and Radiant Living, Teaser Pony just released a 7″, and it’s got everything on there you could want. Deplorable tales of losses at the footy, unrequited love, and existential crisis’ wrought from being stuck in the same cycle of work/gigs/two-bit relationships are vacuumed up into a loveable lil’ package of jutting guitar melodies, a smidgen of saxophone and some ever delightful vocals courtesy of Chris Crisafi.

Primary Colours – Compact Disc/Services Rendered 7″

Fuck knows how I missed this one when it was released in February. Primary Colours are an awesome band, both live and on record, and I’ve let down the entire globe by not writing a minimum of 150 words about how great they are.

Well, here goes – think of some threatening post-punk, Gang of Four for example, and then throw down a gauntlet of shrill noise and snarl. I’m talking a growl of the same degree that those wolves from Game of Thrones pull off. Mean, ya feel me? Mechanical and synthetic, this 7″ showcases that Primary Colours possess two damn fine qualities: they are both absolutely fucking terrifying, and incredibly essential to anyone who’s favourite band is Pere Ubu (aka, anyone worth shouting a schooey).

Passive Smoke – Inhale

We live in Australia, so getting lung cancer is pretty much guaranteed, regardless of whether you like to munch JPS or not. Therefore, the name Passive Smoke is such an applicable name, as well as such a band that could only exist in Australia.

The latest release from Cinnamon Records, Passive Smoke offer a fantastically bare bones approach, not too dissimilar to Kitchen’s Floor. It’s casual, naked and docile, a really beautifully rough offering of a band that certainly has more to offer. However, for the time being, these charred five tracks will do nicely as a buffer. Specifically, check out “Self Care” – what a goddamn hypnotiser of a track!


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