Video: YEEVS – The Cycle As the Deal Goes Down

It’s just a bloke putting his face on, but when it’s paired with YEEVS’ brand new song, it becomes a tour de force of rock n roll, a punch in the guts of chunky riffs and roaring vocals. “The Cycle As the Deal Goes Down” is a classic case of bands reaching back to the greats, like The Pixies, Dinosaur Jr. and Ride, for inspiration, and then regurgitating that stimulus into a messy splurge of catchy and invigorating indie rock.

YEEVS are the kind of band that are catalysts for you getting off your lazy arse and buying the sort of speakers that look like the Monoliths from A Space Odyssey and can peel the skin off your face. They’re the sort of band that make songs that make you want to raise your fist in the air, keel back your neck and lambast an entire room with your off-key re-inditions of their songs that will soon adorn “So Fresh” compilations. And best of all, they’re the kind of band that can pool all of that energy into their live show, tearing the audience’s eyes away from their iPhone’s, beverages, and the closest available cleavage, and focus towards the action onstage.

No wonder why that bloke in the clip keeps dropping his expensive makeup to thrash like an epileptic raver. How the fuck are you able to commit to anything else when YEEVS are in the bloody room?


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