New: TEEF RECORDS – Imperium in Imperio

Until a week ago, Sydney label TEEF had mostly just dealt with Spirit Faces. An incredible artist for sure, but knowing Tommy (and his fantastic website Sound Doctrine), there was sure to be something very special going on behind the scenes.

Voila! This incredible compilation just dropped, and fuck, if you’re not bowled over like Warnie just delivered the best spinner of his career over the talent on display, then you must be Ricky Ponting. Stick my head in a shotgun and call me Kurt Cobain, this blew my head off!

Not only do massive names like Collarbones and Leaks appear, but smaller wonders are put on display to showcase their huge potential. Planete rocks the house with a nearly ten minute glacier, St. South seduce harder than a clothes-less George Clooney, and Yon Yonson bring the world to a stop with their ever-impressive, King Krule-esque indie rock gem, “Figurine”. Although the majority of the talent here is from Sydney, TEEF still does a great job of representing the wealth tof electronic-influenced stuff that our fair nation has produced, with nods to WA’s stunning GRRL PAL, Melbourne’s glitchy web spinner Electric Sea Spider, and others.

The best part? All this stuff is exclusive to the compilation! No-one else has this!

ACTUALLY, THAT’S A LIE! The even better best part is that it all goes towards Nepal, to help with the devastating effects that the recent earthquake had over there. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? SPEND YOUR CASH!


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