New: Sloppy Kiss Soiree – Scallywag Syndrome

Think of Thee Oh Sees circa their ‘Enemy Destruct’ period, then multiple that with Ty Segall’s ‘Multitude’ album, and sprinkle some of King Gizzard’s ‘Willoughby’s Beach’ EP on top of it. Then proceed to get drunker than that aunt who embarrasses the entire family every Christmas. You’ve got yourself Sloppy Kiss Soiree, who provide some very excellent new garage outta Sydney.

SKS aren’t looking for anything more than to electrocute your tendons with garage yelps, nonsensical lyrics, and play a coupla tequila-saturated riffs that drive home faster than a Holden ute with a brick lodged on the accelerator. If you want anything else from garage music, you’re a fool. Sit down, put on your thinking cap, and allow the jangly 60’s renaissance jolt of “Baby Sitar” and “Toxic Surf Party” to school you.


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