New: Lazertits – Gender Studies

Took me just about forever to #blog about this one. Which doesn’t make sense, because this is perfect punk music. Spot fucking on, if you’re asking for my humble opinion. Lazertits, besides having the best B-Movie band name in a long time, have nailed the three chord “DUH DUH NAH-NAH” that inspired so many half-mohawked kids after they heard The Sex Pistols.

But it’s the lyrics and rage that Lazertits throw down that makes them all the more appealing. It’s like Richard Hell’s sardonic humour being shredded into a trash compactor – so ragged and sharp you run for the safety plunge of tetanus shot after 30 seconds. As for the material, it’s like The Slits’ “Typical Girls” re-invented for the half-asleep social justice warriors of 2015 Sydney Uni. Gooood shit.


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