Video: Palms – Bad Apple

It’s been two fuck-off long years since Palms released their stellar debut record, ‘Step-Brothers’ . Since that release, this band has gotten better and better, and become deservedly well-known. They’ve gone from, “The new band from that guy from Red Riders” to, “Holy Fuck! Palms are playing a show! Fuck, let’s get a ticket!!! Why haven’t we gotten a ticket!!!!????AHH FUCK YOUUU”. And why wouldn’t you destroy a friendship through incessant yelling when a Palms’ show is up for grabs? These blokes have earned their reputation as one of the best and baddest bands in Sydney.

“Bad Apple” has since become a staple of Palms’ set, with the “Talking shit, and listening to/ripping off You Am I” chorus line being one of the more memorable lyrics to burst forth from Al Grigg’s bouncy ‘fro. That thing has a mind of it’s own, and one of these days it’s going to make like Skynet, leap off of Al’s head and rule the world. Terrifying.

But I digress…finally, “Bad Apple” is getting a release. But not just any old Soundcloud upload. No, Palms’ teamed up with the one and only SPOD (who killed his show last Friday, by the way) to do a skating video. I loathe skating, because I can’t do it, but it looks like Palms can pull off a 180 Einstein Wig Slide with the best of them. It’s a feel-good story, a win-win. You bop your head along, and watch a band attempt to rule the skate park and rip guitar solos on top of vehicles like the 12 year olds they truly are inside. A ripper return for an awesome band.

As if all this isn’t enough, Palms just announced a free show at The Lord Gladstone on July 16th! FUCK AWWWWFFFFF! Too good! Too bloody good!


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