New: POLICE FORCE – Drug Zone Pt. II

I’m 99% sure this track from Brisbane’s POLICE FORCE begins with a distorted sample from the classic Stooges roar introduction from “TV Eye”. I might be (read: am) wrong, and it doesn’t really matter anyway. But I still think that’s cool.

Anyway, that little tidbit aside, “Drug Zone Pt. II” is a warty creature that belongs in a sci-fi movie from the 70’s. Something that has drive-in appeal, and can be easily exploited. It’s ugly, staggering and stumbling on rickety legs built from a drum machine, pinched and shuddering bass lines and the occasional frenzied outburst of guitar, splurging this song into a noisy haven. It careens wildly, a car-chase fuelled by the illicit, wide-eyed and starving for blood. Pretty fuckn dandy, if you ask me.


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