PREMIERE: Los Tones – One Horse Race

Los Tones are fast becoming infamous for their live shows. I once saw a guy trying to sell his children for a ticket to a Los Tones show, EVEN THOUGH THE SHOW WAS FREE! Owning both a walloping yelp and the ability to crush skulls with a single guitar blow is all it takes for the average, law abiding citizen to succumb to the plight of the Los Tones addiction, and fall prey into a life of burglary and 60’s guitar thrashes.

Los Tones aren’t only demons on the Aussie circuit – they’ve just finished up a second tour of Europe, and by the looks of things in their new video for “One Horse Race”, which collects photos from their lat 2014 tour, shit is as wild as ever. Togas, faeces and enough partying to cause Jack “Whiskey Breath” Nicholson concern, “Hey guys, are you drinking enough water? You think maybe we should go to bed or something?”

Catch the insanity in the flesh – Los Tones have got one hell of a homecoming planned. On Friday, May 29th, they’ll be tearing up the MCA, and on the Saturday, they play the King Gizzard-curated Gizzfest! They’re also going to be at GoodGod on June 11th, and they’re supporting King Khan & the BBQ Show at OAF on the 22nd. And fuck, if that wasn’t enough, they’ll be supporting Hockey Dad on their national tour! Text ya mates, see who’s bloody keen!


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