New: Golden Pelicans – Black Mold

I was introduced to Golden Pelicans via Makeshift on FBi Radio. If you haven’t come across this saviour of DIY culture before, then do yourself a DOGAMN favour, and check it out. All the best stuff gets a lashing on there, including everyone’s favourite Total Punk superstars. Since “Pissin’ In A Puddle of Puke” hit my ears, I’ve been craving more from these deranged psychopaths outta Orlando, Florida.

As all good punk songs go, “Black Mold” doesn’t even break the two minute mark, which means that every bit of sweat, testosterone and blood is protein-shaked into a concise lil’ minute and 48 seconds. Which leaves you and I in a wake of destructive thrash-punk war cries and guitar noisier than a demon careening its way out of hell and into all of Earths sinful pleasures.


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