New: Spoilers – Try Try Try

I never really cover overseas artists, because…well, what’s the point? ‘Strayan music is better than anything any other country has tried to dredge up from their creatively barren landscapes. We made Mad Fucking Max and a Vegemite filled-chocolate! Of course we’re better than everyone else!

But occasionally, there are bands out there that make a case to look further than our pastures. Spoilers are such a band, who berate their guitars the way a terrible mother treats a misbehaving child at the mall. Loud, distorted and wailing, Spoilers go for the jugular, equal parts anthemic and furrowed. Borrowing from the anthemic parts of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., you wouldn’t be surprised to see Spoilers joining the headlining status of fellow English countrymen Drenge.


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