PREMIERE: BISTRO – The Special One

I’d be the last person you’d think would be into hip-hop. And you’d be right – I just don’t really get it. The classics are fine, when they come on. But for the most part, the A$APs and the Wu-Tangs of this world have passed me by.

However, there is a very strange climate of alternative hip-hop arising around Sydney. Simo Soo’s material and the recent collaboration EP between Marky Vaw and Boobjob are excellent. BISTRO also made a name for himself with his track “DR. NO”, released last year.

BISTRO has been on a roll lately, releasing a steady stream of incredible material that draws from a boiling hot tub of influences. It feels like he’ll just grab something random from beneath the bubbles, whether that be noisy metallic feedback, siren song from the East, or gentle synth thumps for BISTRO to rap over. Whatever he’s doing, it’s always got an edge of interesting to it, and makes the case for a non-hip hop head to dive into the genre.

Grab ‘The Special One’ EP over at BISTRO’s Bandcamp


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