Video: West Thebarton Brothel Party – Misophania

Don’t let the jangly opening fool you, this beast has got its eyes fixated at the stadium lights – the bright beams of the Adelaide Oval, halftime entertainment to lighten a damp crowds’ mood as the Swans thump the Crows. (Remember, this is a Sydney blog, carn Swannies! Also, 4th on the table, so yeah, fuck ya, stats don’t lie).

Regardless of football loyalty (and current statistics) West Thebarton Brothel Party are worth dipping your toe into. Because their big, fuck-off anthems will pull you in regardless. With an overwhelming aura of pub rock royalty hanging over their sound (Cold Chisel, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Angels) WTBP strike their flannel-led stride with ease. Their last two singles, “Chemotherapy” and “Glenn McGrath” were rock-or-bust thumpers, but “Misophania” graduates their potential to another level. More solid than Bon Scott’s bicep.



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