New: White Gums – Float EP


I’m mostly familiar with Newcastle’s punk and hardcore scene – most of the stuff that dribbles out of there is well worth your short attention span, folks like Bare Grillz, Rat King and Crab Smasher to name a few.

But for those who are looking for something a bit more lush, look no further than old mate White Gums. With electronica that flicks between distant thumping and wind chime glitches, this guy is destined to fucking kill it. Sonically, he’s entering the same realm as Four Tet, Burial and Caribou – and this bloke is only on his first EP! Imagine what he’s going to be doing on an album!

Only three tracks long, ‘Float’ is only a taste, but it’s the kind of taste that hooks you with the strength of the Mitchell 300 Pro. Opener “desreveR” has been getting a lot of attention, but follow ups “Float” and “Rattle” will also be good choices if you want to sink into some silky ambience.


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