New: Beast & Flood – Look At The Fish Swimming

There’s only two ways that loud, sincere music can go – powerfully insightful bands (Fucked Up, Titus Andronicus) or painfully whiny (Taking Back Sunday, The Used, ). There’s that thin fucking line that separates delivering askewed intelligence and havin’ a bitch and a moan in skinny jeans. You know why you’re life sucks? You’re jeans are too fucking tight.

Beast & Flood fall into the former category, with their winding rhythms and loud-quiet dynamics reminding of And You Will Know Us… and Cymbals Eat Guitars. “Look At the Fishes Swimming” constantly shifts, totally at unease, snapping from hands clenched, unhinged bellowing, to layered, pattering pools of guitar. They move from introverted to extroverted and the flick of a fuzz pedal.

Pretty keen for their debut album ‘Lanugo’, which comes out on 22nd of June, on No Safe Place. Album launch is happening at Blackwire on the 26th.


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