Video: The Newsletters – Lucky Country

Conor Hutchison is probably better known for his time in Cat Cat and From the South, but he also moonlights with his own project The Newsletters. It’s simple, serene and breathtaking music, like driving along The Great Ocean Road for the first time, or walking into a pub and seeing they’ve got Reschs on tap.

“Lucky Country” is a weird mix of horrifying and lush, as Hutchison describes a car accident in brutal detail, and mingles that sentiment with homesickness. But it’s also real pretty; shuffling drum splashes courtesy of Lachlan Denton (The Ocean Party) sighing violins from Robert McComb of The Triffids, and Hutchison’s warm voice smoothed out over the top of it all, like the spreading of avocado on toast on a hangover-less Sunday morning.  Just like a weekend that doesn’t end in regret and cranium pain, this Newsletters track is a real rare, beautiful thing.


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