New: Stations – Master/Disciple

Fuck, this is terrifying. I imagine my reaction to this is similar to a hermit who hasn’t had any interaction with the outside world for 50 years, and then is subjected to a SAW movie marathon. Absolutely gut-bustingly terrifying in the best possible sense. It’s starts loudly and terrifically, as instruments slather over each other at a pace that would make Black Flag devotees would call “too fast”. It then divulges into B-movie gore, before swivelling it’s seat into an even more horrifying bludgeon. Each chorus takes things to a new level, a scintillating torture of synths interating with some of the most furious punk rock that’s been heard in some time. For those that feel they’ve become bored with current music, have a go at this – Stations will not disappoint, but rather, rip your fucking ears off, and chew them like ribbed, concaving beef jerky.


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