Video: Angie – Out of Age

All the elements were in play for Angie’s sophomore album to kick tremendous amounts of arse. Considering Angie’s storied past in bands like Circle Pit, Straight Arrows et. al., recorded and produced by Owen Penglis, and with the support of Rice is Nice, this album was always going to be a special one.

“Out of Age” simply reinforces that belief, with a Sonic Youth meets Chrome unpredictability, noise clashing with pop at high velocity. Angie’s vocals bleed through the screeching, schizophrenic guitars, and it’s not a huge leap of the imagination to see this as a belying live performance.

Remember the first time you went to a rock show? Like a real rock show, not a Beatles cover band. Remember how loud it was, how thrilling? How your ears nearly burst at the seams as each note pulverised your very being? That’s what the new Angie is. The lo-fi drone places you front and centre of one of her bludgeoningingly noisy shows which have that capability to bring you back to that snotty, earnest kid who thought seeing Rise Against at the Entertainment Centre was the most punk and vitriolic thing since you shaped your hair into a mohawk in the shower.


Catch Angie playing with Ela Stiles at a free show at the MCA this Thursday. I fuckn dare ya.


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