New: Heads of Charm – Enough Is Enough


Fucking hell. As soon as those stomping drum beats begin, you know your bowels are gonna be emptied by this song. Cue the guttural bass floggings, and the leaking begins. Hit that crescendo, and there is not a single organ in your body that isn’t quivering in excited fear. Heads of Charm might make for the best detox program yet.

Simplistically existential, Heads of Charms have FINALLY fucking returned with their signature style of making you shit yourself in excitement. “Enough Is Enough”, besides being pants-soilingly good, is the only example of an Aussie band who seems to have actually listened to the teachings of Falco from McLusky and Future of the Left. The result is something as dark, twisted and oozing with as much polished violence as the droogs from A Clockwork Orange.

The pounding force of “Enough is Enough” is a form of beckoning, and fuck me if I’m not heading along to see how they got so fucking good in the first place.


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