New: Batpiss – Spiritually Challenged

Oi get a load of this. Nah, it’s good for ya. Better for the soul than chain-smoking JPS Gold and chowing down on three day old snags. It’s fucking Batpiss mate…they’re named after the excrement shot forth from one of the most deplorable creatures in the animal kingdom. You know, the one that Ozzy Osborne decapitated back in the day. Listening to this band will only make you see the light in this otherwise damned world.

After releasing one of the best heavy records of recent memory in 2013, which included the incredible “Loose Screws”, Batpiss have returned with a song that will king hit you into a headbanging monstrosity. Everything your mum warned you against is present in “Spiritually Challenged” – snarling shouts that will rip the skin off your face, riffs that sear the nature of heavy metal into your puny skull, and an overall atmosphere for gleeful doom that swells and broils for an all too short three and a half minutes. Fuck, get ready for that new LP – if you haven’t steeled yourself in advance, there’s a good chance this will happen .

Also, Batpiss gonna be playing Frankies on July 5. If you’ve had a shit weekend, you know that a 45 minute set from one of the loudest and most punishing bands in ‘Straya will sort you out.


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