New: Mujeres – Lose Control 7″

Fuck, Spain knows how to rock n roll, hey? There’s plenty of bands from out that way that play with the ferocity of ten thousand velociraptors, and what’s more they can bring it to the stage as well! From Los Chicos to Hinds, rock n roll is more alive in Spain than Peter Dinklage’s erection in Game of Thrones. Sidebar: fuck, Season 5 is dissapointing.

Introducing ya new favourite tanned gods from a land afar, it’s Mujeres, who just released a 7″ on locals Digestation Records. All you can eat, baby. Throw it down ya gullet. Nah, it’s good for ya. The A-side is blind, rambunctious rock ‘n’ roll in the style of Straight Arrows, Purling Hiss, Parquet Courts et. al. Follow that up with a B-side of sweet serendipity that makes you wet between the knees, which reminds of the quieter moments that The Men are capable of.


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