New: Low Lux – Rivers Roll

Between understated chugging guitars, hissing drum patterns and atmospheric, wordless vocals, Low Lux have made a hell of a debut single. Like, sincerely, and abysmally fantastic. It’s serene, majestic pop of the highest order. And they’ve kinda fucked themselves.

Ya see, this song is too good, and in releasing “Rivers Roll”, they’ve inadvertently stirred the competition from their restless slumber. With this fell swoop of emotive, layered gorgeousness, they will have irked the kings and queens of the genre: Blonde Redhead.

There’s a reason why Blonde Redhead have stayed at the top of the dramatic-pop game for so long, and that is because they’ve assassinated any contender who dares to bellow, sway and seduce in the way that Low Lux have done. If Highlander taught us anything, it’s that there can be only one…

But ya know what? Blonde Redhead peaked at ’23’. Low Lux have just begun – there is room to MOVE! ‘Rivers Roll’ is just the beginning for these soon to be legends; when you come out of the gates this hard, it’s not hard to see that LL would crush Br in a battle of the bands. Move over you lacklustre 4AD-ians! All hail the new kings and queens of glorious pop!


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