New: Hedge Fund – Look Who’s Back

Do yourself a favour. Do yourself a FUCKING favour, and listen to this behemoth of indie rock anthem. If this song was a fish in the deep blue sea, you know what it would be called? It’d be called a tune-a. Do you get it? It’s like tuna, but it’s spelt tune-a, because it’s a song. Classic!

Look, just because you can’t appreciate some high-brow comedy GOLD doesn’t mean you can’t get onto this. It’s as icy as the heart of any ex-girlfriend, and as soaring and encasing as any mega-hit from the indie-rock canon. It recalls the pop side of new wave – Psychedelic Furs, PiL, maybe even a little Echo & the Bunnymen. Good shit but, and with a chorus catchier than a case of crabs at a sex addict meeting. It’s hard to make WWII sound good, but Hedge Fund made a way.


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