New: Cosmic Psychos – Better, Not Bitter

I wasn’t aware of the Cosmic Psychos (who will henceforth be known as THA FARKIN’ PSYCHOS) until I was 17. That’s incredibly wrong. How could someone refuse me that right, that raw privilege of knowing the best Aussie band of all time. Up there with Eddy Current, Birdman, The Drones and GOD, THA FARKIN’ PSYCHOS eluded me throughout my formative years.

NO MORE! I’m alive and aware of THA FARKIN’ PSYCHOS, and not only do they continue to exist, but they are thriving! They’ve just released the brand spankin’ new “Better, Not Bitter”, which despite its title giving the assumption that THA FARKIN’ PSYCHOS are returning, it makes it very clear that they never left in the first place. They open with a chant that only THA FARKIN’ PSYCHOS could pull off, something as instantly hilarious and heinous as anything uttered in “David Lee Roth”, or “Lost Cause”. It doesn’t take too much stretching of the imagination to see a crowd belting out “FUGGIN’ BULLSHIT MAAAATE” at the next FARKIN’ PSYCHOS gig. Don’t believe me? Press play, and feel the skin melt off your face at the sheer howling volume from the return of one of the best bands this fair country has belched into existence.


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