Encounters by Angie Bermuda

If you’ve involved yourself at all in the wonderful musical world that Australia has to offer, chances are that you’ve happened across Angie. She’s great. A bit of a legend. She’s been in a number of logic-defying bands like Kiosk and Circle Pit, and currently stands tall as a member of Straight Arrows, Southern Comfort, Ruined Fortune, GLOSS and her own solo material under the moniker of Angie. Whenever people infuriatingly say, “Oh, there’s no women in Sydney music”, after shredding them to pieces for their outright fuckwit-edness, it’s too easy to point towards Angie’s direction as a starting point for some of the most interesting music to be emerging in Australia.

Beyond sheer musical talent, Angie has drifted into a myriad of other mediums. She released her debut film, ‘Garish Hearts’ last year, and has directed music videos for the likes of Holy Balm, and her own projects. She’s also an accomplished artist, having her works displayed as part of the ‘Cut.Paste.Repeat’ exhibition happening right now.

But what I’m about to share succeeds all of this. Angie is now a poet. A storyteller, a fabricator of experience through the power of words. That might sound a bit of a flourish, but Angie has made herself a book she can be damn proud of, and that you should bother with.

Angie has always been a fantastic writer – this in particular is essential – but she’s printed and bound a series of her poetry specifically for the you and me to enjoy. And enjoy you will, fucker, because ‘Encounters’ is top notch. Each poem takes up a mere page, so if you find it all too consuming, just do it a page at a time.

But that doesn’t seem like a likely outcome. Her writing style is dark, brooding, comforting and sharp. The sentences are punctual, lower case, subdued and wrap their knuckles against your brain, her thoughts thumbing quietly from page to page. Her desires to fit in, belong and connect are laid bare in an honest, easy-to-understand way, measured and careful, precise but flowing fluently. ‘Encounters’ is about those surreal moments, where nothing fits together but is so too close to give up on. It’s Lynchian, terrified but soft and cradled.

There’s only 100 copies of ‘Encounters’ drifting around, so make sure you get your hands on one before they sell out. If you like to read poetry, ensure that this shoots to the top of your reading list. Grab a copy here, and make sure to like Ruin Press, Angie’s new publishing group. There’s some exciting stuff on the horizon here, including some writings from Jack Lee (Beef Jerk/Jack Lee)


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