New: The Zeds – Al Dente Moments

You ever seen a Z-movie? Not a B-Movie, or a C-Movie, but a straight up Z-Movie? Bruh. BRUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH. These things are what make life worth living. ‘The Room’ for example – this creature of stunning idiocy is probably the closest thing to a caption of the modern condition that will ever exist.

Sydney’s The Zeds take that Z-Movie aesthetic of lo-fi basicness, but instead of creating a baffling subgenre that people love to hate, they’ve made an EP to love because it’s pretty rad. It’s casual, ramshackle guitar pop, four songs that don’t stretch for longer than a couple of minutes. Covering the usual subject of getting your heart beaten up, The Zeds defy their name with a case for the real goddamn catchy. Plus, old mate’s voice makes a strong stance to be the next Don “Thunder Throat” LaFontaine


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