New: Mujeres – Lose Control 7″

Fuck, Spain knows how to rock n roll, hey? There’s plenty of bands from out that way that play with the ferocity of ten thousand velociraptors, and what’s more they can bring it to the stage as well! From Los Chicos to Hinds, rock n roll is more alive in Spain than Peter Dinklage’s erection in Game of Thrones. Sidebar: fuck, Season 5 is dissapointing.

Introducing ya new favourite tanned gods from a land afar, it’s Mujeres, who just released a 7″ on locals Digestation Records. All you can eat, baby. Throw it down ya gullet. Nah, it’s good for ya. The A-side is blind, rambunctious rock ‘n’ roll in the style of Straight Arrows, Purling Hiss, Parquet Courts et. al. Follow that up with a B-side of sweet serendipity that makes you wet between the knees, which reminds of the quieter moments that The Men are capable of.


New: Housewives/Ausmuteants – Brown Out/I Wanna Sedate You

FUUUUUCK! You read that title correctly! Unworthy scum of the planet, let your eyes blister in awe at the fact that Oz-straya’s two greatest punk bands are teaming up for a 7″ that’ll blow your mind higher than a henchmen facing the wrongend of Schwarznegger’s rocket launcher in the forgotten classic ‘Commando’.

However, both bands have chucked a bit of a sneaky; they’ve released new songs, but the originals are yet to see the light of the Internet. Instead, they wrote a track each, and then sent the lyrics and chords to their counterparts, and told them to cover it. Smart, ya see, because now there’s nothing to go off, and two of the most houndingly creative bands in this fair brown land are free to beat the shit out of each other’s music.

Despite being covers, both Ausmuteants and Housewives respective styles are in full display. The stocky, sharp propulsion of Housewives is in full flight, bumbling shouts dribbling over fisty-cuff inducing guitar squeals. And Ausmuteants have got their Devo-meets-Chrome crossover at its deranged best, yelping lyrics meeting ferocious blackouts of noise.

The final motion of greatness? This 7″ is coming out on renowned label Total Punk, who have one of the best track records when it comes to releasing incredible punk music. Lumpy and the Dumpers, Buck Biloxi & the Fucks, and Golden Pelicans are just a few of the gems you can find on their Soundcloud. If you’re ever crate-digging and see that signature raised fist bearhug isigna, shell out whatever the asking price is, because once we hit the year 2025, these treasures are going to be worth more than H20 on this inevitably scorched Earth.  You know, cause Obama’s gonna hit the nuke button at the end of his term, and destroys us all? When that happens, records like this Hosuewives/Ausmuteants split are what will cool those third degree burns and soften the fact that you are chewing on the bones of your loved ones in the cruel apocalypse.

New: Low Lux – Rivers Roll

Between understated chugging guitars, hissing drum patterns and atmospheric, wordless vocals, Low Lux have made a hell of a debut single. Like, sincerely, and abysmally fantastic. It’s serene, majestic pop of the highest order. And they’ve kinda fucked themselves.

Ya see, this song is too good, and in releasing “Rivers Roll”, they’ve inadvertently stirred the competition from their restless slumber. With this fell swoop of emotive, layered gorgeousness, they will have irked the kings and queens of the genre: Blonde Redhead.

There’s a reason why Blonde Redhead have stayed at the top of the dramatic-pop game for so long, and that is because they’ve assassinated any contender who dares to bellow, sway and seduce in the way that Low Lux have done. If Highlander taught us anything, it’s that there can be only one…

But ya know what? Blonde Redhead peaked at ’23’. Low Lux have just begun – there is room to MOVE! ‘Rivers Roll’ is just the beginning for these soon to be legends; when you come out of the gates this hard, it’s not hard to see that LL would crush Br in a battle of the bands. Move over you lacklustre 4AD-ians! All hail the new kings and queens of glorious pop!

New: Big White – You Know I Love You

UPDATE: Big White have just been announced as the first local legends to sign to Caroline Australia. Good on ya!

After only the precursory single of “EOFY”, and a seance in the USA (feat. Burgerama and SXSW), old mates have launched their debut album on cassette form on the consistently reputable Burger Records. Already straddling a make-out sesh between The Feelies and Talking Heads, Big White have injected a blinding dose of New Order-esque “Round & Round” pop into the mix, providing dangerously ecstatic, tropical vital signs. With its college-pop lyrics, flamboyantly neon synth line, and broken record lovesick chorus, “You Know I Love You” is the song you’d chuck on if 80’s high school romance montages of the Brat Pack-ilk were a thing of real life, rather than John Hughes’ feverish fantasies. Catch Big White this Saturday, playing as part of Junkyard Fest’s 1st Birthday! Event here

Video: Null – Oil Run

Imagine a Deatheater is sucking out your soul. Now imagine that Deatheater has got the flyest mixtape in the biz, like, it’s straight fire, and as it’s sucking out your will to live, it’s pumping you with bright, sparkly techno born from a whole other galaxy. That’s Null.

Dastardly electronica that reels you in without a second glance, Null’s debut EP, featuring “Luv U Luv Me”, is a work of intoxicating, erotic shit that calls to mind Kangaroo Skull and Lucy Cliche. Feast your eyes upon the latest from Null, the simplistic but engulfing “Oil Run”, which includes a video that looks like the manic work of a microscope trying out the Berlin nightlife for the first time.

Encounters by Angie Bermuda

If you’ve involved yourself at all in the wonderful musical world that Australia has to offer, chances are that you’ve happened across Angie. She’s great. A bit of a legend. She’s been in a number of logic-defying bands like Kiosk and Circle Pit, and currently stands tall as a member of Straight Arrows, Southern Comfort, Ruined Fortune, GLOSS and her own solo material under the moniker of Angie. Whenever people infuriatingly say, “Oh, there’s no women in Sydney music”, after shredding them to pieces for their outright fuckwit-edness, it’s too easy to point towards Angie’s direction as a starting point for some of the most interesting music to be emerging in Australia.

Beyond sheer musical talent, Angie has drifted into a myriad of other mediums. She released her debut film, ‘Garish Hearts’ last year, and has directed music videos for the likes of Holy Balm, and her own projects. She’s also an accomplished artist, having her works displayed as part of the ‘Cut.Paste.Repeat’ exhibition happening right now.

But what I’m about to share succeeds all of this. Angie is now a poet. A storyteller, a fabricator of experience through the power of words. That might sound a bit of a flourish, but Angie has made herself a book she can be damn proud of, and that you should bother with.

Angie has always been a fantastic writer – this in particular is essential – but she’s printed and bound a series of her poetry specifically for the you and me to enjoy. And enjoy you will, fucker, because ‘Encounters’ is top notch. Each poem takes up a mere page, so if you find it all too consuming, just do it a page at a time.

But that doesn’t seem like a likely outcome. Her writing style is dark, brooding, comforting and sharp. The sentences are punctual, lower case, subdued and wrap their knuckles against your brain, her thoughts thumbing quietly from page to page. Her desires to fit in, belong and connect are laid bare in an honest, easy-to-understand way, measured and careful, precise but flowing fluently. ‘Encounters’ is about those surreal moments, where nothing fits together but is so too close to give up on. It’s Lynchian, terrified but soft and cradled.

There’s only 100 copies of ‘Encounters’ drifting around, so make sure you get your hands on one before they sell out. If you like to read poetry, ensure that this shoots to the top of your reading list. Grab a copy here, and make sure to like Ruin Press, Angie’s new publishing group. There’s some exciting stuff on the horizon here, including some writings from Jack Lee (Beef Jerk/Jack Lee)

New: Power – Slimy’s Chains

There’s only one rule, man, and that you gotta be cool to be cool. And there’s nothing cooler than Cool Death Records. They’ve got the best punk roster going round, a bonafide bulletproof list of the best bands to shred a stage. Amongst the ranks are Dribble, Soma Coma, Gutter Gods, Leather Lickers and Velvet Whip. But it’s Power that really punches through vital organs and emerges through your back with a bloody spleen in hand. And as they rightfully fucking should: this band is incredible. In. Fucking. Credible. Better than Netflix. Better than 4/20. Better than a Best of Gary Busey compilation.

Power are a supreme force, a blinding hail of guitar that ricochets around your skull like a ball trapped in a possessed pinball machine. It’s The Stooges meets Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments meets Golden Pelicans, riffs blazing a trail of fiery punk attitude that suckles at a demon’s teet. The howls implemented here are cackles ripped from a forgotten time, and the pounding fury of “Slimy’s Chains” is both biblical and terrifying.

New: LSD Ratkings – Taringa

Only 5 songs that don’t even break 15 minutes, Brisbane’s LSD Ratkings create the sort of dissonant garage that most bands like to think that they make. Both crushingly despairing, and as sparkly as the counters at the end of a BAM! And The Dirt Is Gone commercial, LSD Ratkings make punk songs that would be equally at home in the centre of a raucous house party, and bouncing off the walls of the room of the kid who wasn’t invited to the house party.

Taking cues from Ty Segall, Jay Reatard and the rest of the gang, LSD Ratkings are melodic garage caked in nasal vocals and more fuzz that Chewbacca’s pubes. Fuck, can things get more complimentary than that? Quit lazing around and prowling for another human being desperate enough to want to bump uglies with you, and grab this cassette.

New: Tangrams – In Love/Ephemeral 7″

Brisbane is usually the go-to #hotspot for the best goth music – Gazar Strips, Bat Nouveau, Multiple Man and 100% to name just a few. But Melbourne is having it’s day in the sun, even though the perpetrators of the greatness sound like they’d much rather prefer to be in a pitch-black room, huddled next to some skull, or whatever it is post-punkers get up to these days.

Tangrams are as sinister a proposition as letting Charles Manson babsit your kids, a toxic mixture of HTRK and Gang of Four. Tangrams are a colossal drowning of post-modern noise and uncomfortable chugging that’ll make you squirm in your seat faster than your parents talking about their sex lives.

New: Hedge Fund – Look Who’s Back

Do yourself a favour. Do yourself a FUCKING favour, and listen to this behemoth of indie rock anthem. If this song was a fish in the deep blue sea, you know what it would be called? It’d be called a tune-a. Do you get it? It’s like tuna, but it’s spelt tune-a, because it’s a song. Classic!

Look, just because you can’t appreciate some high-brow comedy GOLD doesn’t mean you can’t get onto this. It’s as icy as the heart of any ex-girlfriend, and as soaring and encasing as any mega-hit from the indie-rock canon. It recalls the pop side of new wave – Psychedelic Furs, PiL, maybe even a little Echo & the Bunnymen. Good shit but, and with a chorus catchier than a case of crabs at a sex addict meeting. It’s hard to make WWII sound good, but Hedge Fund made a way.