New: Spirit Faces – Adeline (feat. Lisa Mitchell)

“Adeline” seems purpose built to make you feel emotions harder than a Clockwork Orange-style viewing of the saddest moments of your life. Fed on a diet of raw, sparse piano, and Lisa Mitchell’s sobbing voice, this is a track that features lyrics like, “And by now you have moved on, and you heard my parting song/still I sing for you…does she know when I dream, I dream of her, and I can’t get to sleep”. How are you meant to return from this song with a dry cheek? It’s an impossibility.

Haunting isn’t the right word, because it’s not exactly sorrow here. It’s like a requiem for the most brutal and beautiful breakup, a remembrance and a cry out. And fuck, it makes little droplets of water that are definitely NOT tears fall down your cheeks. In the words of Mr. Lebowski: “Strong men also cry. Strong men. Also. Cry”.


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