Video: friendships – When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder

There’s no point coming up with something ridiculous or verbose in trying to describe this clip for friendships. There’s not point because there’s no comparison. There’s nothing to palm it off next to, visually or musically. Maybe Black Vanilla x Death Grips x Multiple Man? But that’s not right either. friendships have managed to come up with something really fucking unique, and something incredibly worth your time.

Don’t resist, but get sucked into this video for “When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder”. It’s exactly as distorted and disturbed as the title would suggest. This thing is darker than “Stagger Lee” sung by Charles Manson. It towers like a freakin’ totem to wretched fuckedness, bruised reds and blues simmering next to men being tugged like goddamn playdough. This is the kind of thing that David Lynch would shy away from. *Slow Clap/Eternal Adoration*


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