Video: Kitchen’s Floor – Resident Dregs

Having the words ‘OFFICIAL HD’ connected to the name of Kitchen’s Floor seems contradictory, because the band have built themselves upon their reputation for using the bare minimum to say a lot. It’d be like having 2am kebab, but only having organic ingredients. The drunken, sloshy, probably unhygienic parts are the best.

But the HD really more just reflects the video for the new one from Kitchen’s Floor. Now, the tsunami of punk fuzz escalates at a higher pixel count, and the coursing snarl echoes with a tad more clarity. YEAH!

Furthermore, the scratchy intimacy that was such a staple of KF’s early stuff has been long done away with, replaced by a Yes, I’m Leaving staccato aggressiveness. There’s a razor sharp bass riff packed with more looming menace than a stare-off with Bruce Willis, and splintered guitar that’s sole wish is to see you burn. Then, Matt Kennedy’s vocals are transformed into hoarse howls; a demonic bellow that would like nothing more than a XXXX at the local bowls club.


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