New: Day Ravies – Under the Lamp EP

Is there anything sweeter in the world than hearing new Day Ravies stuff? Like, anything at all? I’d rather get new Day Ravies stuff in my earholes than get a signed cast photo of Fast and the Furious7. You know how much that photo would be? Like, heaps. Heapz!

Day Ravies is four people from Sydney that have record collections as vast as their talent to make fucking good songs. They put out a record in 2013 that was pretty top notch, as well as a 7″ on France’s Beko Disques, home to Parading, Wizard Oz, and PILLS. But now it’s Sam’s time to shine! Sam Wilkinson, aka that dude that you’ll see at every show in Sydney (usually sporting a Cool Sounds T-shirt) has taken time away from working in all of his bands (Shrapnel, King Tears Mortuary, Mope City, Beef Jerk, Disgusting People, etc.) to help record and release four songs of pop brilliance onto his cassette label Strange Pursuits.

No seriously, these four tracks stand up there with the best that Day Ravies have done. It’s a particularly strong EP; diverse, but still packed. It opens with “Sleepwalk”, a buzzing, Slowdive-meets-K Records twee aesthetic, tumultuous onslaughts of chugging guitar battered down with ethereal intertwining vocals and synths.

Move onto “Under the Lamp”, and nod along to careening guitars soar for minutes on end, then head into “Perennial”, which is the Jesus And Mary Chain trying to mimic the pop sensibilities of The Psychedelic Furs, done in a way that makes you forget that both bands have been around for longer than Day Ravies have been alive. Then ooze into “Prior Hour”, a jam that’s like if PJ Harvey had gotten into Ride instead of Steve Albini.

Going through this EP is a blur of wonder, and then it strikes you that these songs were recorded in the sessions for the upcoming sophomore album from Day Ravies. I’ve been assured that this material was stuff that just couldn’t make it onto the album, but by the same token….holy shit, there’s more were this came from???

Do yourself a favour, and pick up a freakin’ cassette from the Strange Pursuits Bandcamp. And come to the Day Ravies show on the 28th at the Union Hotel. Weak Boys and Bearhug are also playing and it’s free. Jesus Christ, do you need any more convincing?


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