New: Violent Femmes – Love Love Love Love

Gotta love some Femmes action. No one does askewed pop music disguised as punk quite like they do, maybe with the exception of Butthole Surfers or something. “Love Love Love Love” is their first track in 15 years, and it’s pretty good. Trying to measure it up to the likes of “Gone Daddy Gone” or “Black Girls” is a task as loaded with farce as an Orwell/Vonnegut crossover novel,, because Violent Femmes now, and Violent Femmes 20 years ago, are two very different bands. But in terms of keeping their cool, off-kilter suave intact, and pursuing something just as mysterious and funky as the remnants of a Year 6 Backpack that hasn’t been cleaned in a year, Violent Femmes still know how to draw up a decent jam.


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