New: Courtney Barnett – Depreston

Courtney Barnett begins her latest single, “Depreston” with the line, “We don’t have to be around all these coffee shops”, which has to be the most un-Melbourne phrase ever uttered. No perfect flat white with a drizzled foam heart resting flamboyantly on the top? No patronising stares from other tables at how untidy your overalls are? NO KALE CHIPS????

No, Ms. Barnett is decidedly glum on “Depreston”, a tune that she’s hauled out to uproarious applause on her most recent live shows. “Depreston” seems to be all about manoeuvring away from teenage naivety, and all the depressing realities that come with the gesture. From trying to find a suitable house, to the hopeful refrain of, “If you have a spare half million, we could knock it down and start rebuilding”, Ms. Barnett takes a gorgeously restrained and powerful approach that is in stark contrast to first single “Pedestrian At Best”. It’s that kind of diversity (whilst never losing its poetic layman-ism) that has made Courtney Barnett such a strong contender for Ozzie Muso of Forever.


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