New: White Walls – Lightbulb

White Walls are more criminally underrated than Michael Fucking Keaton. But just like Michael Keaton, 2015 is the year in which White Walls are gonna score a fucking Oscar. And don’t worry, they aren’t going to be choking back tears as they put away their acceptance speech, they’re going to be slam dancing their way onto the stage.

“Lightbulb” is the first thing that’s emerged from the White Walls camp in a fair while, but it’s just as glassy and piercing as their previous work. There’s a serated edge to their onslaught, a furious mixture of shoegaze and punk. It’s like Swervedriver swerving into a bloody care accident, or Love of Diagrams being injected with razor-edged fuzz pedals. Wait for the crescendo, when the sound turns into a bursting wall of filthy feedback and gnashing drums. Fuck that’s venomous!


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