New: Darts – Westward Bound

Darts have been around for fucking yonks, but I only heard about them when they opened up the fucking amazing party that Rice is Nice threw a few weeks ago. I walked into the courtyard keen to hear a band named after the fastest thing that’ll kill you, and was promptly thrown by how fucking amazing this band is. Shame on all of you for not arriving on time and catching this maelstrom of sound. Just through watching them, I lost 10 kilograms.

They’ve just announced a signing to the legends at RIN, and have dropped their first single of an upcoming record. Holy fucking shit, drop whatever bullshit, menial task you’ve assigned to yourself and wrap your ears around this thing. It’s a chugging anthem that sits somewhere between At The Drive-In and Modest Mouse’s most thuggish singalongs. “Westward Bound” is course and grating, but soaked in acidic melody. It’s a chokehold of a listen, a slam dunk of steely-gazed alternative uproar. Seriously, shove this into your brain, and let this clanging gut-punch cleanse you harder than any detox ever could.


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