Watching the new clip from Sydney’s TEES reminds me a lot of the “Now, we’re in Delaware. Oh, cool we’re in Delaware” part of Wayne’s World. Only, instead of boring ass Delaware, you’ve got the life-affirming sounds of TEES bumping and grinding to flashing images of retro Club Med parties.

Whilst the dream team of Lizzy Tillman and Sean Duarte pump and thrive on acid house that’s being smothered in Madonna’s pop sensibilities, tanned beasts splash the green screen with XTREME JETSKI STUNTS. Doesn’t get much cooler than that.

TEES have a fair few shows coming up – this Wednesday with Holiday Sidewinder at Art After Hours at the MCA, a Friday night appearance at this weekend’s Secret Garden Festival, and a Goodgod show on Thursday March 12th, also with Holiday Sidewinder. Like Pokemon, make sure you catch ’em all.


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