New: YEEVS – Lazy

YEEVS. What a name, what a treat. It makes no sense, but why should it? Don’t just be a dole bludger, be a dole bludger who likes catchy as rock ‘n’ roll. Be a real man/woman/anything. Get onto YEEVS, and earn the respect of your fellow blogger.

YEEVS are like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex & the City – strong, independant, powerful, but full of enough flaws to make them a relatable enough character that warrants six seasons on HBO and two movies. And sure, the movies might be bloated wastes of space written by semi-illiterates…

But right now “Lazy” is Season 1, so forget about the future, and focus on the present, and all the great rock ‘n’ roll that comes along with it.


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